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Trading System Description

Market Traded:

NASDAQ 100 Index


NQ E Mini Futures Contract

Strategy Type:

Day Trading

Max Risk per Trade:

$200 with Long Term Trend
$100 against Long Term Trend

Minimum Capital:

$7,500 USD

System Fee:

Monthly $240, Semi Annual $540, Annual $1,000

Automated Trading Strategies

Why investors choose NTACT Zeus

NTACT Zeus is an automated trading strategy designed to provide diversification to your portfolio by trading the NASDAQ 100 Index through the use of the e-mini futures market via the NQ contract. NTACT Zeus is grounded in sound, deep-seated trading rules that have become the foundation of successful traders. Applying NTACT's proprietary trend and countertrend trend trading strategy provide a systematic, highly automated trading decision process that we believe has the potential to provide consistent returns for our subscribers. NTACT Zeus utilizes a multiple timeframe trading strategy based on a proprietary set of rules to determine the sustainability of short term trend as well as the probability of a reversal of that trend for the countertrend trade. As with any truly successful trade plan, a focus on risk management is first and foremost. A per trade risk, daily risk, weekly risk and monthly risk limits are employed.

Our Automated Trading Strategy

1. Countertrend Signals: Short term market price action shifts between overbought and oversold market conditions lending to our countertrend signals utilizing long and short positions creating potential profit making opportunities in either market direction.
2. Trend Signals: Our proprietary trend signals identify strong movements in the direction of longer term trend along with the probability to continue that trend in the short term. If short term trading opportunities coincide with long term trend, the strategy will “ride the wave" of those price movements in either direction, up or down.
3. Cyclical - Whipsaw Trading: NTACT utilizes a proprietary method to withdraw all trading signals in a small range bound cyclical trading market, which does not bode well for a proper risk - reward ratio for trading. In other words, in those markets, the reward is too small for the risk taken for any trading.

Multiple Timeframes

At NTACT Trading, we like to compare the issue of multiple time frames to listening to a piece of music. Your ear hears everything as one unfolding event; you hear the rhythm, harmony and melody together and that is the music. They contribute to the overall theme separately, but your ear hears the finished product. In the markets, each individual time frame represents a certain group of traders who will eventually put price pressure into the overall market. Those traders have different goals and see the market differently over time, but their force on the market needs to be understood in order to exploit the time frame with the system you choose to use. Watching only one time frame is similar hearing only every other note and trying to make sense of what you hear. To best understand the market’s potential, no matter what time frame you personally use, you need to listen to what everyone is playing.

We strongly believe that multiple timeframes enhance opportunities in the markets and therefore a multiple timeframe strategy is always employed. NTACT Zeus utilizes the 10 minute, 15 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute timeframes within one system.

What we trade, what style is our system, what positions do we take?

NTACT Zeus trades the NQ e-mini futures contract with both long and short positions – meaning we are in position to benefit from both UP (Bull Markets) and DOWN (Bear Markets) markets. The strategy is a day trading system. Most individuals think that day trading is tremendously more risky than their “buy and hold” strategy they have been brainwashed with by Wall Street firms and their brokers. Of course any trading can be risky, but with proper risk management tools in place and a solid trade strategy, a day trading system may not be as risky as you have been led to believe. Our strategy can only take a maximum of 1 trade per day per time frame, therefore, each trading day may have from 0 (zero) to 4 (four) actual trades. NTACT Zeus has multiple possible entries and exits for each trade – one of those being an end of day exit if a target, stop or trailing stop has not been reached.

The NASDAQ-100 is a stock market index made up of stocks issued by 100 of the largest non-financial companies listed on the NASDAQ.

Account Size Needed

Minimum trading account required for all trades to be executed by Zeus is a $7,500 margin account. With this size of account, you can trade 1 contract per timeframe per day. A larger account is possible as the strategy is scalable. The strategy can be traded with multiples of $7,500.

1 Strategy Contract $ 7,500
2 Strategy Contracts $15,000
3 Strategy Contracts $22,500
8 Strategy Contracts $60,000
13 Strategy Contracts $97,500

Risk Management

All successful strategies should be grounded in risk management. NTACT Zeus has risk management that extends to:

  • Per trade Risk Limits
  • Per day Risk Limits
  • Per week Risk Limits
  • Per month Risk Limits
Investing and trading with NTACT Zeus carries a risk of loss as does all investments.
However, we are very conscious and aware of the importance of controlling risk, and believe that trading using our algorithmic trading strategies and automated approach successfully manages risk while seeking attractive returns.

Markets change. We are prepared. NTACT Coefficient.

The stock market of the 21st century is rapidly changing. Month to month, day to day and hour to hour, the markets are drastically changing at a pace that is far greater than anything in the history of the markets. At NTACT Trading, we monitor 24 variations of our strategy – 6 variations for each timeframe. The purpose is that each of our variations has been proven to work in different market conditions. As market conditions change, each of the variations will come into or go out of favor. At NTACT Trading, we have developed a proprietary coefficient to give us insight into the strategy that is most in favor during any period of time. We update our strategy on a weekly basis to account for these rapid changes per the coefficient. The coefficient gives us a relative value of expected reward versus the risk taken – the highest reward for least amount of risk is the variation that has proven to be the strategy traded.

NOTE: Automated Trading Strategies

It is extremely important to know that NTACT Zeus is a trading system. Your outlook and performance expectations should be based on annual growth. Each year the stock market typically has a sweet spot where 70%-80% of the gains or losses will be generated within a few months, therefore, commitment to the strategy is important for long term success.
This methodology was created in 2007/2008 for institutions and during the last year has been converted to an automated trading strategy for the professional and amateur trader. As a result, after an extensive period of thorough backtesting, manual reviewing of each trade and position, as well as, parameter adjustments, NTACT Zeus is now available for individual investors and traders to help level the playing field with the pros, hedge funds and private equity firms on Wall Street.

*No representation is being made that utilizing an automated trading strategy will result in profitable trading or be free of risk of loss. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with futures trading due to leverage.

Click here to view NTACT Zeus' performance sheet