100% hands free

Leverage computer-based trading with a “100% hands free” approach

We know you’re busy. Automated Trading Strategies allow traders to be active in the markets without the time commitment and knowledge typically required of full-time traders.
  • No Monitoring
  • No Computer Setup
  • No Trading Experience Needed
  • Zero Knowledge Needed
  • No Weekly Updates
  • No Mechanical Issues Risk

Benefits of “100% hands free” approach

  • Convenience – easy to get started
  • Discipline – overcome the challenges of trading
  • Ease of Use – doesn’t matter if you are experienced or a novice
  • Diversify
  • No Time To Trade
  • Risk Management

How it Works

NTACT Trading has developed the futures trading strategies, also called futures trading systems. Computers make sure they get executed as designed, round-the-clock and without emotion. It leverages the strength of each without compromising the other. If you have ever opened an investment account of any type, you know how to open an account that will trade NTACT Automated Trading Strategies. It is so easy, even you can do it.


Once you’ve decided to trade automated trading strategies with NTACT Trading, open your account and the third party broker will do the rest. Monitoring, updating, and daily operation is done by your third party broker.

Transparency and Control

You will always have complete transparency and access to the performance results of your account. Although your selected strategies will call the shots on the trades to make, you will always have control of your account either directly or through your broker.

Your broker will still play a strong supporting role

Acting as your advocate and liaison, the third party broker will play a critical role in the daily management of your futures trading program. Your broker is responsible for corresponding with the execution desk, strategy developers, and back office personnel to make certain that the execution of your futures trading strategy meets your expectations. Your personal broker contact is also always available to provide valuable feedback and guidance to ensure your trading strategy is optimized to meet your objectives.

Automated Futures Trading Strategy Execution is ideal for traders who:

  • Wish to defer their trading decisions to an automated futures trading strategy. Some traders find that being relieved of the decision-making responsibilities regarding when to enter and exit trades, and committing to following the strategy trades regardless of momentary apprehension, has improved their trading results.
  • Have previously experienced poor trading results due to ineffective trade selection, improper entry or exit strategies, or momentary apprehensions in the fast-changing futures market.
  • Are too busy to fully monitor the futures market, but would like work with an automated futures trading strategy based on their ideal trade activity level, account capital range and trading product mix.
  • Are new to futures trading and lack the time to learn everything there is to know about trading to participate in the markets independently.
  • Wish to reap the benefits of online futures trading through experienced brokers and a trade desk staff who transmit and execute trades electronically whenever possible.